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Thursday, 15 April 2021

Deciding to sell your home – whether you have lived there for a long time or a brief period, is usually an emotional time. Choose an agent that will assist you in the emotional decisions, too. There are many decisions to be made, it is critical that you have complete trust in your agent. Put your trust in an agent with seasoned experience & personal knowledge of your market.

After you have made the decision to sell your home, it is important to choose a selling agent that will be representing you and “at your side” every step of the way. Choose your agent carefully – pick one that will be advocating and negotiating for your best interests during the entire transaction. Having those skills is critical!

Have an interview with the prospective agent so you can establish a comfortable level of confidence. Ask for references and speak with past clients that were represented. Be very clear about how you expect to communicate with your agent. Many options exist such as texts, emails, direct calls and voice mail messages-so be sure to pick the method that best suits your lifestyle.

It is wonderful to find an agent with a good sales history, but it isn’t the only trait to consider.  Do you like them? Do you need “a little less talk and a lot more action”?  Ask about the pricing strategy and if they are aware of the comparable sales in your area.  All these facts will come into play if an appraisal is required to complete the sale.

Choose an agent that will be truthful with you about what is needed to bring the maximum selling price for your home. It is difficult to think about making repairs and/or small renovations …. But, surely worth the investment of your time and money to bring the top price for your home.


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Posted on 04/15/2021 11:14 AM by Jarod Tanksley
Thursday, 18 March 2021

Spring is here and your sniffles or runny nose may have announced it even though the official calendar start is still a few days away!  Leaves and flowers are emerging from the long winter and as usual, a change of season often reminds us to do some maintenance around the house.  Many people are probably spending time getting things in shape outdoors with the landscaping, pool, or other outdoor living spaces.  However, there are some small, but important items inside your home that may also need your attention.  Have you noticed lately how many appliances or systems in your home have a filter?

Consider adding some of these items to your regular “to do” list as you start your spring cleaning routine this season.  Most of these items can be done by homeowners, but ALWAYS check the owner’s manual or website for specific cleaning and maintenance tips. 

                Washing machines-many garments require cool water for wash and rinse cycles so you may not be running much hot water through your machine.  Some manufacturers have their own machine cleaning products and some simply recommend running the machine through a cycle empty with hot water and a small amount of chlorine bleach.

                Dryers-cleaning the lint filter regularly will not only decrease the time needed to dry a load, it could reduce the chance of a fire.  There are many different vacuum cleaner attachments that can be purchased to reach down into that tiny slot to suction out loose lint that might be hanging inside and clean lint filters regularly during use. 

                Garbage disposals-there are quite a few products on the market specifically made for cleaning your disposal unit.  Most require the disposal and water to be running when you pop them in and can be used often to keep the unit clean and fresh.  Some manufacturers simply recommend combinations of hot water, baking soda and vinegar.

                Dishwashers-many newer models contain at least one filter that can be removed and cleaned to remove built up residue.  Many manufacturers recommend running the machine through empty while using specific cleaners designed for their machines.

                Refrigerators-many newer models now have built-in air filters that can be replaced easily.  A low-tech and budget-friendly option is keeping a container of baking soda inside the refrigerator to absorb odors.  Some baking soda brands even offer special boxes designed for this specific use.  In older models, the flavor or smell of the ice cubes is often an indicator that it is time to change the box.

                Range hood exhaust filters-if you cook or fry items frequently, you will want to keep this clean in order to keep the air fresh in your kitchen.  Older models may have a simple metal mesh filter that can be removed and cleaned easily.  Newer models may have a charcoal filter along with the metal mesh filter that can be replaced.  Check your owner’s manual for cleaning, drying and replacement tips and options.

Depending on your usage patterns, you may need to check these items more or less often, but remember that maintaining the cleanliness of your appliance or other system filters will not only improve their function but could save you a lot of money in the long run on repairs and replacement.     ....."You've Got A Freind In Real Estate"


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Posted on 03/18/2021 11:29 AM by jarod tanksley
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